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Pioneering digital China

We are experts and pioneers in digital China and are sharing all the valuable insights and information we are learning from launching our startup into China.

As Chinese speaker and digital natives with a tech investors’ perspective, and backed by our vast consulting experience, we dive into topics such as eCommerce (platform and channel strategies, influencer marketing), eMobility (e.g. NIO, Tesla China, autonomous driving), eHealth (combining digital services with AI, deep learning tech in genomics) and cities (urbanisation, smart cities and IoT) and discuss the implications for corporates, startups and ultimately your business!

Innovate with China

Our mission is to enable you and your business to deal with the most exciting opportunities and challenges evolving from China.

Learn how to innovate with China by learning about the latest trends, business models, digital innovations and strategy analysis that we compile and share in formats such as our newsletter, on Patreon and on LinkedIn.

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